Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Our Goal is to Preserve Biodiversity       

 The Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is a registered non-profit society  (#5015579344). Currently, we are seeking funding to purchase the materials and equipment required to operate a centre that will rehabilitate and release injured, orphaned and sick Costa Rican wild animals. By returning these animals to their native habitat they can continue to contribute to the genetic pool and reproduce future generations.  All donations, small and big, are helpful. $20 can buy antibiotics, $10 can buy a bag of birdseed.
“When man feels compassion towards all living beings, then he will be noble.” Buddha
 Using our own funds we have already purchased the perfect location for this operation. The property is located in the southwestern portion of Costa Rica, in Osa, near the tiny village of Santa Rosa de Venecia. We have preserved 20 acres of pristine primary forest that provides a bountiful habitat for many species of animals, including the endangered red backed squirrel monkey, black panthers and Scarlett Macaws. This key property is immediately adjacent to a Nationally Protected Park along with other larger parcels of private land. In the future, with additional funding, we hope to be able to purchase and protect even more prime wildlife habitat.

 So far we have invested a great deal of our time and resources to reach our goal. We have begun preparing the land by working with local biologists, horticulturists and veterinarians. We have planted many varieties of local wildlife food sources including bananas, oranges, plantains, carambola and other native plants. By doing this we are encouraging local wildlife to prosper and feel comfortable in our presence. Injured or orphaned wildlife staying in our facility will be able to see and hear familiar wildlife all about them as they recover.

 We have worked hard and will continue to do so now that we have completed the research required to ensure we are adequately prepared for this adventure and commitment. We are now asking for the help of other nature and animal lovers. Every little bit helps!

 We need to begin purchasing the equipment and materials required to establish operations. Some of the items required include materials for indoor and outdoor caging for animals in our care, medications, medical supplies and equipment, separate shelters for a food preparation kitchen/isolation rooms/nurseries, a variety of food for the different species that will be treated. For a more comprehensive list of materials and equipment needed please see our Materials/Equipment page. 


Scarlet Macaws - our mountain residents

contact us by email:

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10127 121 Street, unit #42, Edmonton, AB  T5N 3X1, Attention Patti Boyce















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