Bird Identification List

Please find below my list of birds I was able to identify in Osa province of Costa Rica in 2009-2010. Once I had identified a species I did not record it a second time. This was just a fun exercise to help with my very weak identification skills.

November 2009

  1. Magnificent Frigate (Golfito)
  2. Ruddy Ground Dove (everywhere)
  3. Flycathcer (everywhere)
  4. Clay Colored Robin (everywhere)
  5. Grackle (everywhere)
  6. Ibis (Santa Rosa)
  7. Amazon Kingfisher (Santa Rosa)
  8. Osprey (Santa Rosa)
  9. Scarlet Macaw (Santa Rosa)
  10. Chesnut Mandibled Toucan (Santa Rosa)
  11. Mealy Parrot (Santa Rosa)
  12. Lineated Woodpecker (Santa Rosa)
  13. Roadside Hawk (Santa Rosa)
  14. Cattle Egret (everywhere)
  15. Paraque (Santa Rosa)
  16. Vultures (Black, King, Turkey) (Santa Rosa)
  17. Laughing Falcon (everywhere)
  18. Kiskadee (everywhere)
  19. Grey Headed Chachalaca (Uvita)

December 2009

  1. Summer Tanager (Santa Rosa)
  2. White Ibis (Dominical)
  3. Spot Crowned Euphonia (male) (Santa Rosa)
  4. Brown Pelican (Jaco)
  5. Great Egret (Palmar Norte)
  6. Northern Jacana (Santa Rosa)
  7. Groove Billed Ani (Santa Rosa)
  8. Blue Gray Tanager (Santa Rosa)
  9. Roseate Spoonbill (Palmar Norte)
  10. Snowy Egret (Jaco)
  11. Grey Hawk (between Palmar Norte and Santa Rosa)

January 2010

  1. Woodstork (Pavones)
  2. Long Tailed Hermit Hummbingbird (Santa Rosa)
  3. Cherries Tanager (Santa Rosa)
  4. Grey Breasted Wood Wren (Santa Rosa)
  5. Scarlet Tanager (Santa Rosa)
  6. Woodcreeper (unsure of type) (Santa Rosa)
  7. Social Flycatcher (Santa Rosa)
  8. House Wren (Santa Rosa)
  9. Thick Billed Euphonia (Santa Rosa)
  10. Masked Tityra (male) (Santa Rosa)

February 2010

  1. Grey Necked Wood Rail (Santa Rosa)
  2. Crested Caracara
  3. Slaty Tailed Trogon (Santa Rosa)
  4. White Tipped Dove (Santa Rosa)
  5. Rufous Naped Wren (Jaco)
  6. Collared Aracari (Osa Zipline)
  7. Ringed Kingfisher (Santa Rosa)

March 2010

  1. Little Blue Heron (Santa Rosa)
  2. Yellow Headed Caracara (Santa Rosa)
  3. Red Lored Parrot (Santa Rosa)
  4. Buff Rumped Warbler (Santa Rosa)
  5. Purple Throated Mountain Gem (Santa Rosa)

These last three were in Nosara, in the north west part of the country, not in Osa

  1. White Throated Magpie Jay
  2. White Fronted Parrot
  3. Laughing Gull

About Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Wildlife rehabilitation organization dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife that are sick, injured or orphaned.
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