Sloth in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Another excellent example of how human encroachment can lead to the injury of wild animals. Wildlife corridors are not considered as areas develop leading to interactions between humans and wildlife. Unfortunately, they are not usually positive interactions. This sloth was lucky thanks to some kind people.


About Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

Wildlife rehabilitation organization dedicated to rehabilitating and releasing native wildlife that are sick, injured or orphaned.
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2 Responses to Sloth in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

  1. Donna Hutchinson says:

    loved the video, I would of picked the poor thing up also, but mmmmm, those claws look a little sharp….

    • These guys move so slowly you get PLENTY of time to respond if they try to use the claws. I picked one up off the road one time, with his back to my stomach, and he did try to swing his arm back at me. I was laughing because he was moving so slow it was actually funny. It must be frustrating trying to defend yourself that way!

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