December 2011 Pictures

Jesus Christ (Basilicus) Lizard - three of these guys came out to play in a rain storm. They were chasing eachother around the fire pit and drinking from puddles. They can get up to 28 inches long. They can run up to 50 feet ACROSS water if evading predators.

Hi everyone, a few new pictures for you all. Beautiful Santa Rosa de Venecia is at the end of rainy season. Flowers are starting to bloom everywhere, birds are building nests and frogs/toads have tadpoles in every puddle and container holding water. Please enjoy the following pictures and send any comments, questions or additional information.

Hoffmann's Woodpecker - my trusty bird book says this woodpecker is not in our area of Osa province but I have seen it regularly and am fairly certain that is what it is. It eats insects, beetles, ants, larvae, berries and bananas.

Black Vulture- this bird is approximately 27 inches tall and weighs about 2 pounds. These birds hunt by sight and have a bad sense of smell. Not true scavengers as they will kill newborn or weak prey including sea turtles.

Red-legged Honeycreeper- adult male- only 4.5 inches and 0.3 (13.5 grams). Females are a pale mint green. These birds hover or hang upside down and use their long, slender beaks to reach into new fruit pods for seeds.


????? Green Honeycreeper - Can anyone help with this one. Beak is correct but coloration on body not correct????


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan - at almost 2 pounds and conspicous colors these large birds are quite visible. They travel in groups. This type of toucan vocalizes at dawn and dusk every day.Palm Tanager - one of the most common tanagers in Latin America. It is a olive-green greyish color and frequent oil palm plantations and enjoy figs, bananas and papaya. 1-1.7 ounces (27-48 grams) and 6.25 inches.


Palm Tanager- one of the most common tanagers of Latin America, it favors oil palm plantations. It eats bananas, papaya and figs. 6.25 inches and 1-1.7 ounces (27-48 grams).Anarchy - cats and dogs get along????