Donors/Material Needed

We at The Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre would like to offer our thanks to the following individuals and corporations for their generous support of this very worthwhile cause.

Teresa K. – Teresa and I both volunteered with Project Wildlife in our past and hopefully we will see her in Costa Rica wrestling with monkeys and feeding baby sloths. Thanks for your donation Teresa.

Cindy K.- Rehabilitator extraordinare and avian electrocution specialist.

Heike – fabulous world traveller, rehabilitator and generous donator to the cause!

Russ G. – Alumni of Bramalea Secondary School
Siew K. -Leading me down the path of enlightenment
Joe H. – Up for any adventure, any time, even if his wetsuit is on inside out (just teasing Joe)
Angus M. – Zip lining buddy, keeping working on the bucket list
Value Drug Mart – Their generous corporate donation will go a long way to establishing a flight cage for large birds in need of recuperation and conditioning before release into the wild

Please read the list below for items we need to effectively help wildlife. Please know that even the smallest donation canhelp. $10 can buy a large bag of bird seed, $50 can purchase much needed antibiotics. Donations can be made through several methods:

1. Paypal on our home page

2.  If you wish to send a check please send it to 10127 – 121 Street, #42, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5N 3X1.

3. If you wish to purchase a specific item for the Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre please contact us directly at to make arrangements.

The following is a list of equipment and supplies your donations can help to purchase (where applicable prices are for used equipment).

Large animal scale $250, Small animal scale $100, Microscope $750, Examination table $600, IV stand $65,  Centrifuge $700,  Refractometer $100, Basic exam light $150, Kevlar lined gloves $75, Shoulder length double thick raptor and animal handling gloves $135, Medical storage box $400, Medical instrument pack (contains forceps, scalpels, scissors, etc.) $175, Incubator $600, Blender $80, Propane stove top $75, Food prep table $50, Kitchen utensils $75, Metal shipping containers x 3 (40′ x 8′ x 8′) $4000 each – to be used for isolation room, food prep room, hospital rooms, office, Medical supplies – antibiotics, pain management medication, anti-fungals, anti-parasitics, homeopathics, dermal creams, lactated rings, iron dextra and B12, gauze, bandaging materials, splints, syrings, wound cleaning products,, 

Food/Nutrition – ingredents for rehydrating and refeeding formulas for emaciated animals, formulas for baby mammals, birds, ungulates, etc., Ensure, fruit baby food, primate leaf eater biscuits, rodent chow, powdered vitamin supplements for a variety of different species, kitten kibble, seed, Universal, worms, fruit, eggs, bird seed, sunflower seeds, nuts, canned kitten food, ground meat, smelts, mice/rats/game fowl (i.e. quail), blood worms turtle snack, vegetables, grains (cracked corn, wheat, canola, niger), suet,  etc.

Other stuff- we will need a variety of materials to provide adequate indoor and outdoor caging (chain link fencing and posts, netting, plywood, doors, perches, dens, animal carriers of different sizes, small reptarium style cages), heat lamps, stuffed animals (for the orphans to cuddle with instead of mom), medical grade cleaning supplies, brooms, etc.


4 Responses to Donors/Material Needed

  1. Gladys Soeterik says:

    Can you give directions to where and how to get donations to you? Is there a secure place to send stuff in CR, or better to Canada? How to ship stuff, the cheapest way or proper way to do it? What are the steps? What can be purchased cheaper in CR or what is not available down there. Specifics would be helpful.

    • At this time it is better to send items to Canada. We do not have a mailing address established in CR yet and we are going back and forth to work, trying to save money for materials for the rehabilitation centre. There is actually no mail service to Santa Rosa but eventually we will have a mail box address in Palmar Norte. Additionally, depending on what the item is and if it is breakable, it may be safer for me to carry it when I go down. Overall customs officers seem to be quite lenient when bringing materials in. The homepage of this website has the mailing address in Canada along with a paypal option if people would like to make a monetary donation. Thanks Gladys

  2. Gladys Soeterik says:

    Patti, In the old days I used to go to Yosemite Park to Camp and ski. I remember the wonderful inexpensive Tent Cabins that I stayed in. There were also some cabins that had screened in patios. They were inexpensive to build, and perfect to stay in. I was thinking how nice they would be in Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehab Center.
    There was no electricity, only lanterns and ice chests and the bathrooms and showers were community near by. It was adequate and comfortable.

    • We were actually looking at some pre-fab wood cabins that are manufactured locally, just down the road from Santa Rosa. They are inexpensive and go up very quickly, sounds like a very similar idea to the tents you are talking about. I had not thought of the tents but that is a really good option too. Once we have dedicated the funds to get everything we need established for the animal care, cabins are second on our list of things to do. We have been working with ICE and hopefully will have electricity by 2012. Thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely look into it.

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