Fun Costa Rica Pictures

The following are just some random, fun, crazy pictures from Costa Rica. Just to give you a flavor!

Where else could you go and see monkeys, sloths, dogs and children all on one sign!

Water and electricity, this is a typical shower head in most hotels in Costa Rica. I have been zapped!

A wild, yet good looking bunch. My good friend Gladys has generously sent me many of her excellent photographs to add to my website. She is a MUCH better photographer than I.

A pair of cattle are used to pull carts of harvested date palm fruit out to the road where it is transferred to a container and picked up by a truck. I have been told these cattle are raised from birth as a pair. If something happens and one dies, the other is euthanized as it can never work with a new partner.


This restaurant was built around an old American bomber after the Iran Contra scandal. The kitchen and bar are inside, the deck (see picture below) is around the plane.



The Costa Rican government is making a strong effort to replace old bridges. Clearly this holds up traffic when only one direction can go at a time. Also, do not use dogs as brakes (ha ha)

Can you see me? I am behind the butterflies!

This is a turtle egg harvest. The eggs for sea turtles are heavily poached. This group harvests them, waits for them to hatch, and release the babies back to the water. Each sign designates the date the eggs were laid, how many, and where they came from.

The ocean is usually quite serene but this day was rough and strong. The crazy ladies decided they had to go in! Glad to call them my friends, makes life interesting with friends like this.

This is in Manuel Antonio. It is amazing how everything growing has something else growing on it too.


The plant on the left was relocated from the river to near our homesite. The plant on the right was a bud when generously given to us by a neighbor.


If the roots are this big, imagine how tall the tree is. A ficus!


7 Responses to Fun Costa Rica Pictures

  1. Gladys Soeterik says:

    More more more photos

    • Shirley says:

      Dear Gladys, love the pictures here. Have been to different S. A. Countries and am planning to buy down there for retirement. Have not been to C. R. yet, am planning to go fo scuba diving. Love all the info about the flora down there, Do you have more pics? My email is

      • I will pass your email on to Gladys. I am her friend Patti. Good scuba diving here on west coast and I hear it is better on east coast, Manta Rays there. Cocos Island is here off the west coast which is a protected marine sanctuary. I have not been there yet but hear the diving is fabulous.

      • There are hundreds of pics from here that Patti or I have taken,but nothing
        compares to things when one doesn’t have a camera handy.
        Patti, her husband Jim and I are staying in the house I just built and they are
        going to their center every day working on their place.They have a river running
        through, and Scarlet Macaws. monkeys, well every sort of wildlife as they have
        Patti and I have been Rehab friends in Calif. for many years. I know her well,
        and when she invited me to come here, I jumped in.
        I love this place and am never disappointed here.
        I will be returning to Ca. next Dec 11, and will return Feb.27th. Patti and Jim
        will stay here.
        the Macaws are flying overhead right now.
        We are going to Panama hopefully next week.
        I would like to get to know you better, and perhaps you will end up here working
        with wildlife.
        You can write to Patti or me, as we share emails most of the time.
        Write soon,
        Pura Vida,

  2. Donna Hutchinson says:

    loved the shower pictures! What would Mike Holmes think about that, I don’t even think he could “make it rigth”:)

  3. Gladys Soeterik says:

    I Loved the Photos.

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