Hongos (Wild Mushrooms/Fungus)

I have become quite fascinated with the abundance and variation of the wild hongos growing just around our immediate area. The variety is absolutely astounding. I have purchased a gigantic Hongo book from InBio, a not for profit organization in Costa Rica dedicated to the Costa Rican environment (www.inbio.ac.cr) to try to begin identification. Take a look at these interesting samples below:

This cluster was a dark charcoal color and had a very dense population.

This type looks quite thin and delicate but it is very flexible and almost rubbery in its consistency.


This cluster was growing on a tree by the river.


This specimen was quite thick and dense, dark brown with burnt orange around the edges.


This individual was about 5" tall and you can see a second bud starting to erupt from the ground beside it. The striped pattern is amazing.


One Response to Hongos (Wild Mushrooms/Fungus)

  1. Gladys Soeterik says:

    Great Photos!!!!!!!!! I hadn’t realized Fungus was so interesting!!!!!!1
    I can’t wait to get back down there!

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