New Photos – November 2011

Green Iguana - Breeding Male - this male was atop a tree surveying his territory after chasing all others away. The large dewlap under the chin flaps back and forth as the iguana does its territorial head bob display.


Thick-billed Euphonia adult male - forage in small groups in second growth forests and pastures. This one is eating a banana at a feeding station we made. When threatened by a predator euphonias mimic the distress calls of other birds attracting additional birds to help scare the predator away.

Thick-billed euphonia - female - the female and subadult male are very similar but the male has black below the eyes and a small yellow patch above the beak.

Black Vulture - Often soar with turkey vultures but flap their wings more often and have a distinctive fan shaped tail in flight. A most excellent piece of trivia is that the black vulture will urinate on its own legs to cool itself down when hot.

Cherrie's Tanager - adult male - Once called the scarlet rumped tanager it is now a separate species due to geographical isolation from the scarlet rumped tangaer on the carribean side of Costa Rica. Both species look alike but are genetically different due to a long period of isolation from eachother.

Cherrie's Tanager - adult male and subadult male

Costa Rican wildcat - this species of wild cat is ferocious enough to keep dogs away. They steal food, stand in food bowls and generally create anarchy where ever they go.

Trogon - I need help with this one!! Slaty-tailed Trogon?????

Blue-grey Tanager - a terrible picture but a beautiful bird. Very soft colors. Eat mainly fruit but also insects and nectar.




11 Responses to New Photos – November 2011

  1. kim spall says:

    Beautiful Pictures! love that wildcat! Thanks Patti….

  2. Judy says:

    Love the wildcat! What a beautiful place.

  3. Donna Hutchinson says:

    Beautiful, loved the way the poor dog is laying!

  4. Heike Kohl says:

    Miss you terribly here in the Great White North but so glad you can be in Costa Rica working toward your ultimate goal(s)! Much love and positive thoughts coming your way … always.

  5. Gladys Soeterik says:

    It is a beautiful nature in Costa Rica Patti. The picture of each little bird are very clear an natural.

  6. Gail Kindred says:

    Patti, So good to see your beautiful work. I hope all is well. Will you be there for the winter so you can skip the Snow of Canada? Keep sending the photos.

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