Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre is comprised of the following individuals who are dedicated to the causes of animal welfare and the environment:

Patti –

  • currently employed as a wildlife rehabilitator with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton
  • completed prerequisite classes for the veterinary school at the University of Prince Edward Island
  • holds an Honors B.A. from York University
  • holds a college diploma in Developmental Services Work from Humber College
  • completed the following training through the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council – Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation 1AB, Physical Therapy Advanced Skills, Fluid Therapy
  • completed the following training through Project Wildlife (San Diego, CA) – wildlife first aid and zoonoses, fluid therapy calculations, medical dosage calculations, certified to teach injections and dosage calculations with Project Wildlife, raptor rescue and transport, internal parasites, management and care of captive raptors, raptor care and handling, public education training, wildlife transport and rescue
  • completed the Basic Raptor Care for Rehabilitators at the California Raptor Center at the University of California
  • completed Basic Supervisor for Oil Spills through the Oiled Wildlife Care Network
  • while living in California was a licensed wildlife rehabilitator with the State of California Department of Fish and Game, and the United States Department of Fish and Wildlife

James –

  • employed in the field of construction, specializing in underground construction and concrete work
  • trained in many facets of construction safety 
  • while living in Ontario for many years was the owner and operator of a tunnelling company 

Diana –

  • currently employed as a wildlife rehabilitator with the Wildlife Rehabilitation Society of Edmonton
  • completing Master Degree in Ecology-alpine ecosystems
  • holds a undergrate Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology
  • with WRSE since 2006

Leanne –

  • long time and dedicated volunteer with the Wildlife Rehabitation Society of Edmonton
  • assists with the training of new volunteers to WRSE
  • extensive background and training in the marketing field

John –

  • owner of Gold Forest Farms ( a certified organic farm in Morinville, Alberta. Gold Forest Farms and Gold Forest Grains is owned and operated by the Schneider Family. They are a small mixed farm of grains and livestock and they process their grains into flours and whole grain products. They are certified organic through Pro-cert. 

3 Responses to Board of Directors

  1. Anne Sylvestre says:


    Someone in Ontario tlod me about your site. I am a veterinary surgeon with a certificate in rehabilitation (canine and feline – not wildlife) iand my husband and I have property (no house yet) in CR. I would love to come and see your facilities when I am done there. I’ve been looking for something in CR to get involved with. I am on the board of directors of our large referral veterinary hospital in Oakville. Perhaps I can be of help to yor organization somehow.
    Anne Sylvestre

    • HI Anne. Cindy texted me the other day about you. The wildlife centre is not operational yet but will be soon. We are in the planning and development stages and I hope to start taking animals next year. I need to ensure we are committed to being on site for a prolonged period of time before I start rehabbing. For the last two years we have been going back and forth developing the land, planting fruit trees for food sources, etc. for when we are taking animals. Once we are up and running I would LOVE to have you involved. We would really need a vet in some circumstances. I do the best I can based on my experience and training but obviously vets are indispensable. I will email you to get more details on your location, etc. Thanks very much. Sure is a small world when you love animals.

    • Hi Anne. Haven’t heard back from you hope all is ok. Just posted new pictures the other day and have new one’s to go up next week. Write when you can.

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