Santa Rosa-the others

Walking stick - lots of sticks and mantis around, the praying mantis was quite bothered if you stared at them and would leap at your face

Frog on my hat! a variety of LARGE toads, poison dart frogs, lizards, iguanas, call Santa Rosa home

We have the pretty scorpions - the southern scorpions are this beautiful grayish-blue and yellow. Very docile and never a problem as one might expect due to their reputation.

Trantulas- quite abundant, but similar to the scorpions, not a problem. They do tend to hide under leaf litter which can be dangerous in the jungle if you accidentally step on one.

Millipedes-these guys loved rotting wood and leaf litter. They look like they are made of vertebrae.

The butterflies are too beuatiful for words-there were so many varieties and they were all indescribable

With a short lifespan they never learn to be afraid of humans-they would land on you, walk around your skin for long periods of time drinking your sweat for the salts


2 Responses to Santa Rosa-the others

  1. Gladys Soeterik says:

    Patti, I took so many photos while I was down there. Would you like to go through them and put some in your Photos?

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